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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Juhi got fucked by her husband's boss...

Ravi kant Sahay watched from the side of the large room as it slowly
filled with couples and other celebrants. He was scanning the crowd
for one person in particular, one person whose life was about to
change dramatically, one way or other.

It was a Saturday night in late summer, the last day of the company's
annual four-day stockholder' s meeting. The last night of the meeting
was always the company's big party, when corporate executives and
invited guests gathered to mix, mingle and network, and to unwind
from the busy schedule of events that had been a part of the
company's meeting. It was always held in the large banquet room on
the top floor of the skyscraper that housed the company's corporate

Ravi's father started the company in the years after Independence,
but it wasn't until Ravi had taken over almost 15 years earlier that
the company had really taken off. He was a tall, lean, authoritative
man in his late 40s, with a full head of Jet dark hair. He had an
undeniable animal magnetism, a tremendous sexuality that drew people
to him, but he also had a ruthless streak. Whatever he wanted, he
usually got, and on the rare occasions when he was rebuffed, the
offending party always paid dearly.

At last, the person he'd been looking for arrived, and he stared as
she entered the room on the arm of her husband. Dilip had been hired
a little over two months earlier as a lower-level executive. He had a
fair amount of talent in the field, but what had landed him the job
was his wife.

Juhi was, quite simply, stunning. She was a little shorter than
average and slender, with A-sized breasts that were just big enough
to have some swell. It wasn't her body that had attracted his
attention but it was her exotic looks. She had a very fair
complexion, with large, deep brown eyes and short curly hair of a
very dark color. She had been born and raised in USA, and it showed
in every pore of her body and in every word she spoke.

As he drank in the sight of the comely Cajun beauty, he sensed a
presence at his side, and looked over at his wife, Raveena, who had
sidled up to him. She was a tall, well-built woman in her mid-40s
with a long, thick mane of blonde hair that swept back off her
forehead. Except for the 40 extra pounds she carried, she still
looked like the debutante beauty she'd been when she'd met Ravi kant
nearly 30 years ago. And even those pounds didn't hurt her appearance
much. They were well distributed, giving her an earthy sexuality that
far surpassed most women much thinner than her.

"What do you think?" she asked, as she hooked an arm in his and
nodded in Juhi's direction. "You think she'll play?"

"Oh, I think she will," Ravi replied. "I get the sense that under
that quiet facade is a sexy woman struggling to get out. I don't
think she'll be any trouble."

"Well, just remember, you said that about the last two," Raveena said
in a teasing tone. "And you recall how those turned out."

Ravi just snorted as he walked to the stage, where a jazz combo had
just finished its first set. He walked to the microphone and
addressed the party briefly, thanking the guests for coming and his
executives for another successful year.

With that, he walked off to begin seducing Juhi. He walked over to
the young couple, who were in their early 30s. Dilip was a rather
shy, quiet individual of average size and sandy blond hair. This was
only the second time he'd met Mr. Ravi Kant, and at first he was ill
at ease. But Ravi was at his most charming, and soon the couple were
a little more relaxed in his presence.

Juhi seemed to be impressed with the way he'd smoothly greeted and
treated her. She caught herself gazing at Ravi as he moved on to
mingle with other partygoers. She and Dilip had a few drinks. They
were greeted warmly by a number of guests who welcomed them to the
company, especially the vice presidents, who shook Dilip's hands and
suavely kissed Juhi's hand, telling her she looked good. She was
certainly dressed to impress, with a black backless blouse that tied
in the back in such a way as to make it very clear she wasn't wearing
a bra, which she hardly ever needed anyway. She wore a shining
gorgeous black saree draped very low, just an inch above the start of
her silky bush.

Eventually, the band returned to the stage, the pace of the music
picked up and couples began to dance. Ravi and Raveena helped get
things going by cutting a rug for a few numbers, then Raveena went
off in one direction and Ravi went off in another. Juhi was tapping
her toe to the beat of the music, but no matter how hard she tried,
she couldn't get Dilip onto the dance floor, and that frustrated her.

Suddenly, Ravi appeared by their table and asked Juhi if she would
dance with him. Dilip nodded his consent, of course, never suspecting
Ravi's intent. Ravi and Juhi danced a few numbers, and Juhi was duly
impressed with Ravi's hard, athletic body and mesmerized by his
dynamic personality. She was also getting fairly horny, and she could
feel her little nipples getting hard. She idly thought about what he
must be like in bed, but quickly dismissed the thought.

Juhi loved her husband and had never strayed, but their sex life had
deteriorated in recent months. They had suffered two miscarriages
within the past year, and they had thought a change of scenery would
help, but Dilip was working long hours and traveling a lot. And,
frankly, Dilip had never had the kind of sex drive that suited her.
He was a once-a-week kind of guy, while that once a week was often
spectacular; she was a once-a-day kind of girl. But he was a good
provider, and a sweet-natured man who worshipped the ground she
walked on.

When the band's set ended, Juhi was vaguely disappointed, but Ravi
kant escorted her to the bar and got them both a drink. She failed to
see the subtle nod Ravi gave the bartender. Juhi took the drink, then
walked back to find her husband. Dilip, however, was engaged in some
serious shop talk by a couple of vice presidents and one of the
company's vendors. She finished her drink, went to the ladies room
and went back to the bar for another one.

Just then, Ravi materialized next to her.

"Juhi, do you mind coming with me," he said smoothly. "There is
something I need to discuss with you. Something of vital importance
to Dilip's career."

"Sure," she said, glad to be in this powerful man's company. She was
starting to get a little drunk, and was also feeling a little funny
in her abdomen, like she was very turned on sexually. They got on a
nearby elevator and descended several floors then stopped, got out
and walked down a deserted hallway to a door that opened to a meeting
room. Juhi was getting a little suspicious, so she asked Ravi kant
why they were there.

"What we have to discuss needs to be for your ears only, and I
thought a quieter location would be better," Ravi kant answered as he
closed the door behind them.

He turned to her and gave her a penetrating look. She was idly
sipping her drink, but looked down, humbled by his gaze.

"Juhi, let me ask you something," Ravi said, then continued without
giving her a chance to speak. "Do you love your husband?"

Juhi said of course she did.

"Would you do anything for him? Anything to further his career?" Ravi

Despite her semi-inebriated state, heightened by the potion the
bartender had slipped into her drinks, she felt a cold chill run up
her spine.

"Y-y-y-yes," she answered a little uncertainly.

"Anything at all," Juhi pressed.

"I don't understand," she said, afraid that she did " what shall I
have to do?"

"Let me explain some thing to you," Ravi said, taking off his jacket
and laying it on a chair. "Juhi, I'm afraid you hold the key to
Dilip's success. As you may or may not know, his three-month
probationary period is drawing to a close, and we need to decide
whether he fits this company's plans."

"What do mean, a three-month probationary period?" Juhi said, with
surprise in her voice. "I don't recall anything about that. I mean,
we've already sold our house Indore to shift here. I thought you said
Dilip was exactly what you were looking for."

"It's in his contract. He is evaluated after his first three months
on the job, and if his work isn't up to the level we require, we have
the right to terminate his contract, with minimal penalty to the
company," Ravi said. "And when I said he was exactly what we were
looking for, you misinterpreted. What I meant was YOU were exactly
what we were looking for."

Now Juhi was truly afraid. But her fear was mingled with the warm
sensations that were swelling in her guts, in her groin, between her
legs. But she put up a brave front, and asked, "what do you mean?"

"Juhi, I believe you are a practical woman, someone who deals in the
real world, someone who does whatever it takes to get ahead," Ravi
said, walking right up to Juhi and looking her in the eyes. "If you
cooperate, I promise you that Dilip will be given a very favorable
recommendation on his probationary report. At that time, his bonus
will kick in, he will earn a considerable raise, and I can assure you
that in three years, he will make vice president."

"And if I don't... cooperate?" she said in a small voice.

"That would be very bad for Dilip and for you," Ravi said. "He would
get a negative recommendation, he would lose his job and he would not
be able to obtain another position in this field. In this economy, in
this business, not many companies are willing to hire executives who
wash out with this company."

"What about your wife? What would she think if she saw you here, with
me?" Juhi said, desperate to find some way out, before her body gave
her away.

"Oh, she knows all about it," Ravi said. "We have a very open
relationship. I suspect that even as we speak, she's mingling with
some stud over there. No, Juhi, you have something I want, and what I
want, I usually get. And I know how badly you and Dilip need this

Ravi kant had done his homework. He knew that Juhi was the only
daughter of a successful businessman at NY, meaning she'd grown up
quite privileged. He knew she had never finished her specialization
degree, so she didn't really have any marketable skills. She was
married to Dilip from Indore who initially had some project work at
USA where they met.
He knew that she had always depended on her father, then her husband,
to keep her in a material lifestyle to which she'd become accustomed.
Moreover, he knew that some of their material holdings - their home,
their cars, many of their fineries - had put them in some debt. He
knew she needed for Dilip to be successful. He knew she'd do anything
to make sure that he was successful.

Juhi was confused. Part of her wanted to throw the remnants of her
drink in Eavi kant's face and storm out of there for even hinting
that she prostitute herself for her husband's career. But there were
demons lurking in her psyche. He was very manly, very sexy. He was
also bigger, smoother, more self-assured, more powerful, all far more
than Dilip would ever be. She had no doubt that he could - and would -
ruin them if she refused. And the thought of that terrified her more
than the thought of having sex with him did.

There was something else, as well. The elixir the bartender had added
to her last two drinks was a type of drug, which heightened the
latent sexuality of whoever it was administered to. And Juhi was
already frustrated sexually. She wanted far more than Dilip could
give. Maybe if she just let Ravi have what he wanted this one time,
then she could get away and think coherently.

With a visible sigh, she downed the rest of her drink, relaxed and
melted into Ravi's arms.

"Do whatever you want," she whispered. "For tonight, I'm yours."

"Smart girl," Ravi said softly, then he leaned down and they kissed,
slowly at first, but gradually building in passion. He reached behind
Marie and untied the strings of her blouse and let it fall to the
floor. He removed her silky Saree from her body and threw it away.
Next to go was her petticoat, which clung to her shapely legs. As
they kissed, he backed her to the table, leaned her back and feasted
on her tits, bringing the little brown nipples to full hardness. Juhi
gasped in arousal as she let herself be taken by this powerful man.

As he loved on her tits, Ravi ran a hand between her legs, to her
panty-covered crotch. He wasn't surprised to find her soaking wet.

"I think you want this as much as I do," Ravi said, slipping two
fingers inside her panties and fingering her pussy.

Juhi had lost the ability to think rationally. Her body was doing the
thinking for her, and all it was thinking about was getting some of
Ravi's prime cock in her wet, swollen pussy.
"aaaahhhhh……mmmmmm" type of words escaped her lips.
She ran a hand down to his crotch and gave a throaty sound of lust
again. Ravi's cock was big, as big as any cock she'd ever had, and
there had been more than a few during her college days. It was
something she'd never confessed to Dilip, that she'd had a regular
and varied sex life in college. Dilip hadn't known her then, and
she'd never had a reason to tell him.

Ravi's cock was throbbing-hard as he finger-fucked Juhi's gash and
kissed her lips frantically again. But he was going to take the time
to give this dark-haired beauty the full effect of his expertise. He
broke the kiss, picked her up and set her on the table. Reaching
under her butt, he pulled her panties off and tossed them aside,
leaving Juhi clad only in her high heels. He spread her legs and
stared at the gorgeous pussy that lay between them. She had slim,
dusky lips were black and her inner walls were a satin pink. Her
pussy was framed by a thick, but well-trimmed bush of dark color as
the hair on her head.

Ravi bent down and ran his tongue up Juhi's slit and slathered over
her clit, bringing a gasp and a moan from Juhi's mouth. Getting his
whole mouth in, he worked Juhi's pussy like a pro, sucking, licking
and kissing, and it was no time until she was writhing in ecstasy on
the table.

"Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Lick me, suck me, eat me!" she cried. "Unh, unh, unh
make... meeee... cummmmm!"

When Ravi captured her clit between his teeth and lashed it with his
tongue, she went tumbling into a thrashing orgasm, like she hadn't
experienced in years. Certainly Dilip had never brought her off like
that, and Ravi was just getting started. He pulled his face away from
her dripping snatch, unbuckled his belt and dropped his trouser and
shorts. His huge cock sprang free, and Juhi's eyes went wide as she
saw it.

"Oh my God!' she exclaimed. "It's huge! Please, be careful."

"Oh, I'll be careful, all right," Ravi growled as he slipped the head
of his cock between Juhi's wet cunt lips. "I'll be careful to fuck
you into oblivion with it."

With that, he slid the head into Juhi's pussy and slowly pushed it
in. By the time it was halfway in, Juhi was gripping his back and
making incoherent noises. Ravi bottomed out just about the point
where he hit her cervix, then pulled back and began to fuck Juhi with
long, steady strokes. Each time he filled her to the brim with his
meat, it seemed to slam the wind out of her. She wrapped her legs
around his waist and worked her hips around his massive manhood, her
head thrown back and her eyes clenched shut in total ecstasy.

It was when Ravi began to pick up speed that Juhi finally found her
voice, and when she did, she sounded nothing like the demure
housewife she'd been when she'd entered the room.


And like a live wire, her body went into convulsions as her second
orgasm roared through her.

"OH GOD! FUCK MEEEEE!" she wailed again, as another climax followed
hard on the heels of her last one. "GOD DAMN IT! FUCK ME AND FILL ME

Ravi was eager to oblige. He'd been anticipating this encounter for
weeks, and he was on a pretty short fuse himself. Faster and faster,
he pounded Juhi's pussy as she clung onto him for dear life. With a
roar, he felt his balls lurch, and he gasped as he unloaded a
tremendous load of boiling-hot cum. Together, they shuddered as he
fired one creamy jet after another deep in Juhi's spastic cunt.

At last, the trembles subsided and Ravi leaned forward on the table,
kissing Juhi with a tenderness that would have been unthinkable a few
moments ago. Just for a few moments, they lay there, then Ravi
abruptly sat up and his cock slipped out of Juhi's gushing pussy. He
stood up and pulled his frenchie and trouser up, as Juhi watched him
almost pensively.

When he was fully dressed, except for his coat, Ravi handed Juhi her
panties. Then, when she had pulled them up, trapping that part of
Ravi's cum that hadn't already oozed out onto the table, he gave her
a hand off the table and helped her get her dress back on. Juhi took
a moment to try to fix her hair and makeup a little, so it wouldn't
be so obvious what she'd been up to.

Ravi held her hand as they left the meeting room, but before he
turned off the lights, he winked back at the cameras that had
recorded every moment of their encounter. They kissed again on the
elevator, and then went their separate ways when they reached the top

When she got back to the banquet room, Dilip, who had a worried look
on his face, met her.

"Where have you been," he asked. "I looked all over for you."

"Oh, I was out getting some air," Juhi replied. "Are you about ready
to go? Because I am."

She and Juhi rode home in silence. Now that she was back with her
husband, back in her normal life, JUHI felt enormously guilty about
what she'd done with Ravi. Yet, just thinking about it sent a twinge
of lust coursing through her body, and that further played with her

When they got home, Juhi insisted on taking a shower before getting
in bed. And she didn't object when Dilip said he didn't feel like
sex, as usual. He might have noticed the teeth marks on her boobs and
at her inner thigh.

Sure enough, at the end of the next week, Dilip came home with a huge
grin on his face. He'd gotten an A-plus recommendation from the
company's review board and a very big raise. Juhi forced a smile onto
her face as she recalled what she'd had to do to earn him that
recommendation. She had already got the message from Ravi about
Dilip's promotion. He had also asked her for the second encounter at
a five star hotel the next day. There was a threat in his manly voice
when he said"or else….." and left the other half to be imagined.

And she wondered, as she gave her husband a congratulatory hug,
whether that would be all that would be required of her. Somehow, she
didn't think so. Deep in her heart, she knew she hadn't seen the last
of Ravi kant Sahay.


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